Shaadi Mubarak will see Preeti getting accused of theft after she commits a blunder.

Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler Alert: Preeti’s blunder puts her in problem

Shaadi Mubarak the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions will see huge drama with Preeti (Rajshri Thakur) being accused of theft.

Well, Preeti who has not been so informed about technology will for the first time use the ATM to withdraw money to give the people who have been waiting for their payment.

Now, Preeti who will for the first time go to the ATM will put in the wrong amount by mistake, and will withdraw huge money up to 1 lakh from the account. She will immediately realize her mistake and will be worried. However, she will decide to tell KT (Manav Gohil) about it as soon as he will come to office.

Meanwhile, KT’s family will be notified about the huge withdrawal and will also know of Preeti being the one who took the amount.

Will KT handle the situation? Or will Preeti be humiliated again?

We buzzed actors of Shaadi Mubarak but could not get through.

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