Shivani’s honest love confession towards Dr. Veer in Krishna Chali London

Dr. Veer’s ex girl friend Shivani will get back into his life in the Star Plus show, Krishna Chali London. Read this exclusive news here.

Shivani’s honest love confession towards Dr. Veer in Krishna Chali London

Star Plus’ show Krishna Chali London (Parin Multimedia) has just started with the track of Dr. Veer (Karan Vohra) developing feelings for Krishna (Megha Chakraborty).

Well now, to make matters worse, the ex-girl friend of Veer will surface with actor Vividha Kirti entering the show. Vividha was last seen in shows Ishqbaaz, Ishq Mein Marjawan and Bitti Business Wali.

She will play Dr. Shivani, the modern, classy girl from London who would have been in a long-standing relationship with Dr. Veer in London.

Well, the girl who would have walked out of the relationship earlier will now have a change of heart, understanding the good virtues in Dr. Veer.

As per a reliable source, “Dr. Veer and Krishna have gone for the medical camp to get Lalilya treated. And Dr. Shivani who would have come to India to search for Dr. Veer and tell him about her feelings, will bump into Veer at the camp.”

We hear that a thrilling sequence has been shot wherein Shivani will come face to face with Veer and will reveal her feelings to him. She will apologize for all that happened, and say that he is incomparable and wants him back in her life. However, Veer will show a cold shoulder towards Shivani’s honest confession.

Shivani will also get a doubt about Veer’s closeness with Krishna.

Will she realize that Veer has fallen for Krishna?

We buzzed Vividha but could not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates.


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