A new twist in Krishna Chali London will see Shuklain getting to talk to Radhey’s spirit. Read here for details.

Shuklain to talk to Radhey’s ‘spirit’ in Krishna Chali London

Star Plus’ popular show Krishna Chali London produced by Parin Multimedia will bring in a new twist related to Radhey (Gaurav Sareen).

As per the plot, Radhey is dead and Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) is battling life without him.

Now, in the track ahead the makers will add a new twist which will bring in a faint hope of Radhey’s possible return in the show.

Well, Shuklain (Madhuri Sanjeev) who has not yet come to terms with Radhey’s death will start to believe that Radhey will come back.

Yes, and to get more details on her belief, she will meet a baba who will make her talk to Radhey’s spirit.


As per a reliable source, “Shuklain will be happy and excited as she will finally get to talk to Radhey’s spirit.”

Does this really mean that Radhey will be back?

We buzzed Gaurav who cited that he has no inclination of being brought back.

Watch this space for more updates.


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