It will be Kullfi’s wish before leaving to the boarding school to meet the singer Kumar Sanu, and Sikandar will arrange it for her. How cute!!

Sikandar to fulfill Kullfi’s wish of meeting Kumar Sanu in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Star Plus’ popular show Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkayasstha will see the talented and renowned singer Kumar Sanu playing catalyst to Sikandar (Mohit Malik) knowing of Kullfi (Aakriti Sharma) being his daughter.

Well, the stage is set for Kumar Sanu to break the truth to Sikandar. But how does the interaction happen?

We have all the information here.

As we know, Kullfi is being sent to the boarding school by Sikandar and Lovely (Anjali Anand). And before she would leave, she will have one request that she makes to her Sikandar Baba to fulfil. And that is of meeting her favourite singer Kumar Sanu.


In order to please Kullfi, Sikandar will make arrangements for Kumar Sanu to come to their house for a meetup.

The sequence will see Kumar Sanu singing his favorite songs for Kullfi and Sikandar. And he will also sing Sikandar’s favorite songs.

As per a reliable source, “Not only will Kumar Sanu be the one who will help Nimrat (Shruti Sharma) tell Sikandar the truth. He will also be shown singing some amazing numbers for the show.”

Kumar Sanu will be seen singing the amazing Karan Arjun number ‘Yeh Bandhan’. He will also sing his evergreen romantic song from Aashiqui ‘Tu Meri Zindagi Hai’ and also the inspirational number ‘Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye’ from the movie Jurm.

Will Sikandar be able to make Kullfi happy before she would leave for the boarding school?

The sequence will also be an emotional moment for Sikandar and Kullfi as Kullfi would have to leave for the boarding school the very next day.

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