Smart Jodi the Star Plus reality show is into its Finale phase wherein the winning Jodi will take home a cute Gatbandhan trophy and a big cash prize. The Finale will be graced by the iconic couple Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh along with singer Kumar Sanu.

The Finale will see a lot of exciting moments of course, with Riteish and Genelia’s cute chemistry as a couple being the limelight. Also, the music of Kumar Sanu will lift temperatures as the ambience will get more romantic.

In one such romantic moment, Deepti Tuli, wife of Balraj Syal will be seen doing the unexpected. She will go down on her knees and will tell all that they were never in love before marriage and only after marriage, they started loving each other.

Deepti will confide on her bent knees to Balraj that she will be his life. Balraj will be bowled over by Deepti’s romantic side.

Are you eager to watch this?