StarPlus shows dominate the TRP chart with thrilling daily twists. We’ve compiled major plot developments of your favorite shows Anupamaa, and Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin to Udne Ki Aasha. Read below.

1) Anupamaa

In the upcoming episode, you will see an interesting twist. Furious, Vanraj questions Anupama, ‘What is her problem?’. Anupama calls ‘Vanraj’ as her problem, and he talks rudely with her. Soon, Anuj schools Vanraj and orders him to talk politely to Anupama. The show casts Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna in the lead.

2) Jhanak

After proving herself innocent, Jhanak takes a big step, and she leaves for Mumbai, leaving a note for Aniruddha. She comes to Mumbai to fulfill her mother’s dream of becoming an independent woman, and she meets Rajat Kapoor. While Jhanak’s, this step leaves Aniruddha in shock. Hiba Nawab and Krushal Ahuja are the lead cast of the show.

3) Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Rajat, in a drunk state, misbehaves with Savi. He pulls her close to him and gives her the tag of a gold digger. But before Rajat could do anything, he fell unconscious. Later, Savi will be accused of kidnapping Sai, and the court will ask the little with whom she wants to live. Sai takes Savi’s name. Bhavika Sharma and Hitesh Bharadwaj appear as the lead cast.

4) Udne Ki Aasha

In the upcoming episode, Sailee gets her first paycheck and offers the money to her husband Sachin, who is witnessing his struggle. However, Sachin denies taking the money as she has earned it and says she can help her brother and sister, who are still studying. Sachin’s behaviour won Sailee’s heart. Kanwar Dhillon and Neha Harsora are the lead cast.