Drama galore in Zee TV show

Stone pelting on Zara in Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah

Zee TV’s popular show Ishq Subhan Allah (Creative Eye) will witness high voltage drama in the forthcoming episode.

As per the plot, Kabir (Adnan Khan) and Zara (Eisha Singh) turn into each others’ support system when Kabir’s family wants Kabir to part ways with Zara.

Now, Kabir will realise that Zara was never at fault. Kabir will decide to fight for Zara, but would want Zara to move out of Ahmad house for short time. As Zara would walk out in the market some people will accuse Zara and start pelting stones on her.

Zara will get hurt and Kabir would burst in anger seeing this and run after them to catch them and punish them but would fail in his attempt. Kabir will get more concerned for Zara and would try to shield her.

Will he be able to protect Zara?

We buzzed Eisha but she was busy shooting.

If sources are to be believed, Adnan was down with viral fever and was hospitalised. However, the actor is fine now and back on sets to entertain his loyal fan base.

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