The first night of Piyush and Deepika will be drama-filled with few revelations happening..

Loyal viewers of Star Plus’ Dhhai Kilo Prem (Sandiip Sikcand and Balaji Telefilms) have been witnessing the ‘anokhi shaadi’ of Piyush (Meherzan Mazda) and Deepika (Anjali Anand) wherein the bride comes with the ‘baraat’ to the groom’s place.

We have also witnessed the sequences wherein an immobile Piyush is lead in a wheel chair for marriage and it is Deepika who takes the onus of helping out Piyush throughout the rituals.

Now, the first night of Deepika and Piyush will also be unique!!

We hear that Piyush will finally muster courage to blurt out the truth to Deepika about him not being happy with this marriage. And this will bring about a very weird reaction from Deepika.

As per sources, “Upon hearing this, Deepika will walk out of the room after giving Piyush a piece of her mind. However, the twist will come where she will get back to the room with renewed motivation. Deepika will now convince herself that she has to somehow stick on with Piyush and sow the seeds of love in him for her.”

Will Deepika succeed in winning Piyush’s heart?

We buzzed the actors, but they remained unavailable for comment.

Watch this space for more updates.


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