Swaran Ghar the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen Swaran (Sangita Ghosh) coming to terms with the bitter truth of her sons refusing to support her in funding for Kanwaljeet’s (Ronit Bose Roy) treatment and injection. Swaran decided to take things in her hand, and decided to sell Swaran Ghar and get money for the treatment. She also sold her jewels to pay for the injection.

On the other hand, Kanwaljeet took the big move of calling Ajit (Ajay Singh Chaudhary) and told him about him counting his days. He will tell Ajit that he wants him to support and stand by his wife Swaran after his death. Ajit will be shocked and will refuse to do this.

The coming episode will see Swaran and Kanwaljeet having one emotional talk wherein Kanwaljeet will place his mouth near Swaran’s ears to tell her one big truth.

While doing so, he will collapse and will fall off.

Is this the end of Kanwaljeet Bedi? What will Swaran do now?