Swaran Ghar the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen the shocking twist in the tale with Kanwaljeet Bedi (Ronit Bose Roy) falling in Swaran’s (Sangita Ghosh) arms. As we know, Bedi who saw his death and end coming, wanted to keep Swaran secure in her future. As we know, Swaran’s first love was Ajit, whom she wanted to marry. So when Kanwaljeet saw his end coming, he called for Ajit (Ajay Singh Chaudhary) and asked him to be of support to Swaran after he passes away.

Ajit was earlier reluctant but later got back and accepted to Kanwaljeet’s request. This made Kanwaljeet’s death easier and he passed away while singing in glory of Swaran.

The coming drama will see Swaran hugging her husband tightly and crying after the doctor will pronounce him to be dead. Swaran will refuse to accept any help from her three sons and will decide to perform the last rites for Kanwaljeet. She will leave the house decorated with flowers, as Kanwaljeet lived his life to the fullest and was very cheerful when he lived.

Swaran will be criticized for bearing three sons but choosing to do the last rites herself. However, she will be extremely shattered from within, as her sons will behave rudely once they reach the house.

Can Ajit give a shoulder to cry on for Swaran?