Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani the Colors show produced by Optimystix has seen major drama with the newspapers capturing the pictures of Anurag (Karan Suchak) and Kajol (Ishita Dutta). On the other hand, Kajol’s mother is hellbent on fixing the alliance of Arjun (Harshad Arora) with Noyna (Jasmine Avasia).

During the shubh puja kept for Kajol’s father, Anurag will have an encounter with Arjun and his family. Anurag who will be a silent spectator to all the humiliations that Kajol will face at her own house, will voice out about the wrong perceptions that all of them have about Kajol. Anurag will stand for Kajol and will tell Kajol’s mother that she is an unlucky mother who has failed to see what her daughter is going through.

Anurag will also get into a verbal argument with Arjun’s mother and Arjun. Even when they will ridicule the relationship between Anurag and Kajol, Anurag will tell them how cheap they are in their thoughts.

Will destiny bring Anurag and Kajol together?