The entry of actors Tina Philip and Supriya Kumari in Mere Sai will give rise to a new story wherein they will be shown in constant conflict.

Tina Philip and Supriya Kumari to be at loggerheads in Sony TV’s Mere Sai

Sony TV’s popular show Mere Sai (Dashami Creations) will see the entry of actors Tina Philip and Supriya Kumari.

Supriya and Tina will play the roles of sisters-in-law who will be relatives of Baiza (Toral Rasputra). Since their house will be going through a renovation, they will come to stay with Baiza.

The two ladies will be of completely opposite attitudes. While the eldest of the sister-in-law essayed by Supriya’s character will believe in quantity over quality when it comes to the household work assigned to her, Tina’s character will always do her work with complete precision and will believe in quality over quantity.

This contrast in personalities will always put the two of them in conflict. The two of them will be constantly troubled, and this will start to affect the whole family.

This will be when Sai (Abeer Soofi) will try to give them his advice to make their life more meaningful.

When contacted, Tina told us, “I had recently been to Shirdi to offer prayers and seek blessings. Now I am blessed by this role in Mere Sai. It feels good. This will be a nice cameo for a month or so.”

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