Drama galore in &TV’s mahasangam episode.

&TV’s Waaris and Badho Bahu to have a ‘Mahasangam’…

&TV is soon going to beam a mahasangam episode of two of its popular shows, Waaris (Viniyards Films) and Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up and Hum Tum Tele-Films).

Read on to know what the episode has in store for the viewers!!

Our source informs us that Choto (Juhi Aslam) will plan to celebrate Teej with the entire family. Hence, she will take Komal (Rytasha Rathore) and Lucky (Prince Narula) to Punjab to celebrate with Bajwa family.

Komal will get a new haircut for Teej celebration. However, Lucky will shout at her for it. He will inform her that he had in fact loved her long hair. She would ask him whether he really liked her long hair, to which he will reply positively.

Furthermore, Lucky will tell Komal that he loved her with her long hair. She will be happy to hear his comment and Bua will also be delighted to hear his opinion.

Later, Komal will reveal that she was wearing a wig and has not cut her tresses.

We called up actors, but could not get through to them.

The Maha-Sangam episode will see the Badho Bahu family and Waaris family joining together to celebrate Teej.

Audience will witness fun moments and revelry.

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