Udaariyaan the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen Advait (Rohit Purohit) and Nehmat (Twinkle Arora) trying to start their life afresh. We saw how Advait protected the honour of Nehmat at the restaurant when Ekam (Hitesh Bharadwaj) created a scene. Meanwhile, Ekam’s mother has forced him to stop drinking and planning on moving on in life.

The coming episode will see Nehmat getting to know about a big truth. She will want a doctor’s number from Naaz’s (Sonarika Batra) phone. She will call for Naaz, but she will not be around. At this juncture, Nehmat will open Naaz’s phone and will see the unexpected.

She will notice a folder in Naaz’s phone which will entice her to open it. Upon opening, she will see the same pictures that of her with Advait, which had put her in a major problem. It will be the same pictures that were sent to Mallika which had led to Mallika and Advait’s marriage not happening.

Will Nehmat now confront Naaz?