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Falguni in trouble in Star Bharat show

Uttara to put a shocking condition to Falguni in Jiji Maa

Drama is at its peak in Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa (Jay Productions).

The show, which was revolving around Niyati (Bhavika Sharma) and Vidhaan (Shubhashish Jha) marriage drama, will soon see a shocking twist in the upcoming episode.

As per a reliable source, an unknown caller will send Uttara (Pallavi Pradhan) a photograph of the will. The caller will demand two crores from Uttara.

Meanwhile, when Falguni (Tanvi Dogra) would about to fall while painting a wall, Suyash (Dishank Arora) will hold her and they will share a romantic eye-lock moment.

Later, Uttara will give two crores to a stranger, he will tell her that it is just a small token for keeping his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Suyash will ask Falguni to skate with him and would confess his love. Falguni will ask Suyash not to feel shy and would encourage him to hold her hand.

Later, when Falguni will go to Uttara to invite her for the wedding, the latter would ask her to make a commitment. She will make up her mind to accept Uttara’s decision. Later, she will be shocked when Uttara will ask her to remove her uterus if she wants Niyati and Vidhaan to get married.


What will happen next? Will Falguni agree to the condition?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Tanvi for a comment.

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