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Aliya's plan to bring forth Sabrina's reality in Vish

Vish: Aliya’s plan to bring forth Sabrina’s reality

Colors show Vish produced by Peninsula Pictures has been coming up with a perfect blend of drama and suspense in its recent episodes.

As we know, Aliya (Sana Makbul) will try to escape from Sabrina (Debina Bonnerjee) and run away to save her life. While running, she will slip from a cliff but she would manage to hold on to a branch of a tree and will try to lift herself up. Meanwhile, Sabrina will come and try to kill Aliya by making her fall from the cliff.

In the forthcoming drama, In Sabrina’s Mehendi sequence, Aliya will be applying mehendi to Sabrina and as soon as she would apply Sabrina would start getting some burning sensation.

Sabrina would run into her room as her hand will be burning and she would be afraid as she will soon turn into a Vishkanya. When she would find no solution Sabrina will cut the palm of her hand and Aliya will be shocked to see Sabrina in her normal avatar.

Will Aliya find out the reason?

We buzzed actors but could not get through for comments.

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