Vish the Colors show will see Catrina playing her game in order to separate Aditya and Aliya.

Vish: Catrina double-crosses Sabrina

Vish the Colors show produced by Peninsula Pictures will see Catrina (Nalini Negi) double crossing Sabrina (Debina Bonnerjee) in a big way.

As we know, the Jagrata sequence is happening wherein Mohit is forced to bring Sabrina.

At the event, a shocking revelation will happen when Catrina will take the form of Sabrina and will announce the wedding of Aditya (Vishal Vashistha) with Catrina.

This will shock Aditya and Aliya (Sana Makbul). Aditya will blame Sabrina for it while Sabrina will wonder what happened.

Catrina who has won the game will be happy to see the dejected faces of Aliya and Aditya. Catrina will further create misunderstandings between the two of them to separate them.

Will Aditya and Aliya react now? How will Sabrina tackle Catrina?

We buzzed actors but could not get through for comment.

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