Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana the Star Plus show produced by Qissago Telefilms has seen major drama with Amrita (Esha Kansara) getting into early labor after Pritam (Hasan Zaidi) behaved badly with her. He not only pushed and manhandled her, but also threw abuses on Amrita. Amrita could not take all of it easily and experienced pain.

Pritam was however, the one who took Amrita to the hospital. In the hospital, there will be a very critical phase wherein both Amrita and the kid’s lives will be in danger, and we wrote about it.

Now in the coming episode, happiness will prevail with Amrita giving birth to a baby boy. Both the kid and mother will be fine post-delivery. However, Rathi’s men will create havoc as they will be ordered by Rathi to kidnap Amrita.

Rathi will believe that there is something fishy between Pritam and Amrita, and that if they have to get back at Pritam, Amrita is their trump card. Along with Amrita, her newborn will also be kidnapped.


What will happen next? Can Pritam save them?