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When Anurag was an all-time savior for Prerna when she was kidnapped!

3 times Prerna was KIDNAPPED and Anurag saved her in Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Kasautii Zindagii Kay has been one of the most popular shows. It is the reboot of the old show Kasauti Zindagi Ki. The old show featured Shweta Tiwari, Cezanne Khan, Ronit Roy, and Urvashi Dholakia. Whereas Kasautii Zindagii Kay features Erica Fernandes as Prerna, Parth Samthaan as Anurag and Aamna Shariff as Komolika. The fans are loving the show so far. But Anurag’s character in the show is known to have a separate fan base.

When Anurag loves his love of life the most, some people tried to create obstacles between them and they crossed limits when they kidnapped our Sharma girl and guess who came to the rescue all the time?… Anuragggg it is!

3 Times when Anurag saved Prerna from kidnapping are:

Prerna gets kidnapped by Ronit. Ronit clicks her picture and sends it to threaten Anurag. Prerna isn’t scared and threatens Ronit. Ronit tells her that he will not spare her this time, she will pay for Komolika’s murder. Prerna defends herself that she didn’t kill Komolika. She warns Ronit to leave her, else she will show her wrath. Ronit wants Anurag to come to save Prerna so that Anurag falls into his trap. Prerna struggles to run away but gets caught by Ronit. Anurag gets worried for Prerna and want to save Prerna. Anurag later saves Prerna.

At a function in Basu mansion, Komolika calls goons disguised as waiters to kidnap Prerna. Prerna’s sister does feel suspicious seeing the waiter and even follows him but the latter hits her with a flower pot making her unconscious. Now, the waiter plots his plan smartly to kidnap Prerna and he succeeded in it. Seeing Prerna nowhere at the Basu mansion Anurag gets worried. Later he saves Prerna.

Lately, Komolika sees in the car and finds out that Shivani has been kidnapped instead of Prerna. Komolika slaps Ronit. Komolika asks the other goons to leave Shivani inside the house and get Prerna. Komolika searches for Prerna in the house. The goons leave Shivani in the house and take with them an unconscious Prerna. Prerna gains consciousness and calls for Anurag, but the goons tie a handkerchief on Prerna’s mouth. Shivani gains consciousness and informs Anurag that goons have kidnapped Prerna and taken her in their van. Will He be able to save Prerna?

God, this is not a 70s movie but a show getting broadcast in 2020!

Well, we can only say that we want no more kidnaps!!

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