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Check out how Pragya and her firm decisions in Kumkum Bhagya helped everyone!

Times When Pragya Makes Tough Decisions In Kumkum Bhagya!

In our life we need to make some important decisions, right? There comes a time when we don’t think what we do is right but all we have to do is trust what we are doing and go with the flow. Well, Kumkum Bhagya’s Pragya did something that we told, and guess what? She was right every single time, check out how!

Kumkum Bhagya has been a hell of a ride for the past 6 years, right? Right from Abhi and Pragya’s arranged marriage, Kiara’s death, then getting apart from each other, leap, and having twin daughters, every angle of the story was interesting to date. We loved the way Abhi and Pragya stood out for each other and anyone will, right? Understanding each other’s decisions and moving on, that’s life!

Let’s get to the point, we came across various occasions where Pragya was left with taking the important decision which changed her life, some of them are as follows!

Remember when Pragya was drunk and Abhi took her signs on divorce papers? Yes, it was difficult for both Abhi and Pragya as they realized, they love each other after signing. Pragya was left with no choice but to give up as she thinks Abhi doesn’t love her, but she decides, at last, to give up.

Another instance was when Abhi and Tanu were about to marry but Pragya comes on time and stops the marriage. Signing the divorce paper was fair, but Pragya was not in her sense when she signed the papers. So, this makes no sense to the law. Then the divorce still didn’t happen. Will Abhi and Pragya come together again?

This is the exact scene where any mother would faint seeing her daughter falling from the cliff that too with the person, she hates the most. It was Kiara’s death sequence and right after she fell from the cliff, Pragya faints. Now Abhi blames Pragya for Kiara’s death as she stopped him from shooting Nikhil. Abhi and Pragya are separated.

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