Anupamaa Written Update S-01 Ep-617 30th June 2022: Everything is set for Kinjal’s baby shower and she was about to fall but Anuj helps her. Rakhi provokes Vanraj against Anuj.

Anupama and Anuj introduce the episode by listing all the exciting events they will be hosting for Kinjal’s baby shower. They invite everyone to take joy in the rite as it begins. But Adhik gives Pakhi his batch and orders her to put it on over his clothes. She takes it from him and tries to knot it on him.

She smiles and approaches him to place the batch as he motions for her to move closer. Samar notices them and cautions Pakhi to exercise caution as he flirts with her before leaving. She ignores her sibling because he irritates her. Anupama, Rakhi, Barkha, and other females get Kinjal ready for the baby shower in the meantime.

Here, all the women begin styling Kinjal’s hair and doing her cosmetics. They are all delighted to see her happy, and she is likewise delighted to see them. The song “Vaari Jawa” is playing as the ladies dance around Kinjal. Kinjal’s presence is announced by Pakhi, raising everyone’s awareness. She arrives at the event as everyone applauds her.

Due to her saree, Kinjal was about to fall, but Anuj stops her and gives her support as she walks. While Paritosh becomes anxious and searches for all the arrangements, Anupama feels relaxed. Samar comforts his sibling and tells him not to worry. He reassures Paritosh that everything is in perfect order and counsels him to take pleasure in the event.

Paritosh shares his thoughts with Samar in another scene and expresses guilt for his past inability to comprehend it. He expresses his joy at being a father and claims that he now understands Vanraj’s obligations. Anupama reveals that the baby shower customs will begin in the meantime.

While he receives all the photos from the baby shower event, Vanraj and Kavya sit together. As Leela calls him on the video to show him the preparations, he becomes eager to see it. Kinjal and Paritosh make him joyful, but seeing Anuj close by makes him irritated. Rakhi arrives at that moment and steals Leela’s phone. Rakhi then provokes Vanraj against Anuj, claiming that he is carrying out his grandfatherly duties. Vanraj becomes enraged, and Leela is concerned about his rage. She attempts to stop Rakhi and begs her not to tell Vanraj the truth. Barkha, though, likes the drama. Ankush makes fun of Anuj for becoming a grandfather in the meantime.

Paritosh and Kinjal express their regret at missing Vanraj’s presence. Rakhi, on the other hand, notices a receipt and becomes enraged upon seeing the bill for polishing the jewellery. In front of everyone, she confronts Leela and belittles her for giving Kinjal ancient jewellery. While Leela says some disturbing things, Anupama stands up for her and claims that it is part of their legacy.

Additionally, Hasmukh expresses his support for Leela and implores Rakhi to understand her motivations. Rakhi teases them for making everything so emotional while he claims it’s a way for them to show their love for Kinjal. After Leela ties the thread to Kinjal to protect her child, Anupama takes care of the problem. Additionally, she makes a wish in Kinjal’s ear. When Leela sees Rakhi is about to do the rite, she stops her and instructs Anupama to do it first, shocking the latter.

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