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In Anupamaa Written Update Season 01 Episode 96 3rd November 2020, we see that Anupamaa meets Kavya and tells her that she doesn’t have any problems with Kavya’s and Vanraj’s relationship. Anupamaa asks Vanraj if she had an affair then how he would react.

Anupamaa Written Update S01 Ep 96 3rd November 2020: Vanraj yells at  Anupamaa

The episode of Anupamaa starts with Anupamaa informing Kavya that she has no problem with Kavya and Vanraj’s marriage but, Vanraj has to tell his family as she cannot say and she does not want to give them more pain. Anupamaa sees Vanraj’s slippers. She flips the slipper back and says that there will be a fight at home if slippers are turned. Anupamaa leaves.

Later, Kavya asks Vanraj if he will divorce Anupamaa or not. He leaves without saying anything. Rakhi visits Vanraj’s family to find out if they are aware of Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship. Rakhi learns that no one knows about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. She asks any why she fell unconscious. Anupamaa says that Rakhi can learn from their family and not interfere in others’ families.

Anupamaa goes to the terrace to get clothes. Vanraj arrives and scolds her saying till when she will continue the drama. Vanraj says that he already apologized for his mistake and also mentions that Kavya was trying to blackmail him.

Anupamaa tells Vanraj that she knows that he wanted to marry Kavya before their wedding. Vanraj warns Anupamaa not to make a big issue of it as he has already apologized. Anupamaa asks him what if she had an affair and would have apologized the same way he did, whether he would have forgiven her. Vanraj gets angry. Anupamaa says that she just said it, whereas he is practically doing it.

Precap: Vanraj asks Anupamaa why she called Jhilmil back when he gave her leave. Vanraj looks at Anupamaa as he already knows how to play the game.

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