The episode of Anupamaa starts with Anupamaa telling Bapuji that she won’t waste her two days in this house crying. He asks her if she has told about their divorce to Samar, she says she wasn’t able to tell him after seeing his trophy. Samar goes into Pakhi’s room to show her his trophy. She starts crying and tells him about her parent’s divorce. Samar is shocked and sad that mummy didn’t tell him. Toshu video calls them and congratulates Samar. Even he is shocked after hearing that their parents are getting divorced in two days. Samar tells them that we should respect their decision. Pakhi says that today is Siblings Day and she feels lucky to have two brothers like them.

Samar meets with Nandini, she tells him that she found out through Kavya that his parents are getting divorced in two days. He says he doesn’t feel fine. She says even she was lost and didn’t know what to do when her parents got divorced. She advises that he should make the remaining two days special for his mom. He says that mummy did so much for the family in the past, they should do something in return to make her happy and change her mind. Nandini says that he should go spend these two days with his family. He leaves blowing kisses at her and says she always has a solution to his problems.

Samar tells Anupamaa that she considers him her best friend, but why did she hide such big news from her friend. Anupamaa says she is sorry. He says that he was so busy with his life that he didn’t notice her sorrows. She tells him to stop crying. He says that let’s be happy and enjoy the last two days. He gifts her ghungroo. Anupamaa starts crying and hugs him.

Pakhi writes a note to the universe asking for her parents to be happy. Samar comes in and wipes her tears, he also writes a letter to the universe. She then blindfolds him and takes him to a room where Anupamaa and Nandini are waiting with a cake. He cuts the cake that they sing the congratulations song. He feeds cake to Anupamaa holding his injured leg. She asks him how he got injured. He says while dance practice. Nandi says that Samar is very brave. Samar says he learned it for his mummy and hugs Anupamaa.

Anupamaa later passes through Vanraj’s room and thinks of knocking on the door. But doesn’t do it. She tries to sleep but isn’t able to sleep. Vanraj goes to sleep and even is not able to sleep thinking that they only have 24 hrs left.