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Anupamaa Written Update Season 01 Episode 92 27th October 2020, we see Anupamaa realising that she keeps thinking about her family and never think about herself and from now on she has to think about herself

Anupamaa Written Update S01 Ep92 27th October 2020: Anupamaa’s new beginning

The episode starts with Anupamaa telling Devika that people come and go alone in the world, she says she was queen till yesterday, today she is nothing, had everything till yesterday, today she is all alone. Anupamaa walks into the temple and says that she has always thought about others and never thought about herself, and now she has to learn to think about herself and for that, she needs Devimaa’s help.

Bapuji sees Anupamaa working in the kitchen and asks her if she is fine, she touches his feet and says sorry for they had to bear problems because of her. Anupamaa says that she knew that his blood pressure would have fluctuated due to what happened yesterday, so she got up early to give him milk and his medicine. Bapuji says he will make something for Anupamaa and today full day she can relax.

Anupamaa is walking in the lawn and gives an angry look to Kavya who is taking milk from milkman. Kavya drops the milk bowl and runs inside. Bapuji gets tea for Anupamaa and milk for him; Baa, Toshu and Samar also join them and get emotional. Anupamaa wants to meet Vanraj, Samar says he will drop her till the room.

Precap: Vanraj ask Anupamaa if she will divorce him. She pushes him out and says that she will make the decision on her own and nobody else can take her life’s decision

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