Daayan 13 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how the Daayan came to attack Janhvi's family because Aakarsh sent Satrupa back.

Daayan 13 July 2019 Preview: Daayan attacks Aakarsh

Today’s Daayan 13 July episode begins with Prachi looking for her family at home and thought about checking with Vishaka. While passing by Harsh’s room, she heard Harsh speaking to his daughter and telling Jananta would be back soon and for that he had to obey Asha and became daayan. She prayed to god to help her stop Harsh from Daayan’s grip. She wore rudraksh mala thinking daayan could touch her if she wore rudraksh. Aakarsh with Brijesh asked people where shiv temple was and its poojari. Everyone denied except one who said there was temple but no poojari.

Brijesh said poojari meditated behind temple, so they should go there. Jahnvi (Tina Datta) family took her to hospital for abortion by the excuse of sonography. Doctor asked to change her clothes. Jahnvi asked why to change clothes for sonography. Family insisted her and once in room she saw no sonography machine. Doctor picked up the injection. Jahnvi got suspicious and asked why injection for sonography. Taiji insisted and once doctor gave injection, Jahnvi fell unconscious. Taiji apologized her. Satrupa watched hiding. The doctor saw Jahnvi’s stomach black and did sonography. She walked out and informed family that Jahnvi and her baby ware healthy, so there was no need for abortion. Family insisted, but she denied. Satrupa hypnotized her and sent her to perform abortion. Brijesh took Aakarsh to several temples. Aakarsh got suspicious and asked to tell truth. Brijesh apologized to him and agreed that family was getting Jahnvi’s abortion and did not want Aakarsh to stop it.

Satrupa reached there to stop Aakarsh. Aakarsh overpowered her with his magic and reaching hospital stopped doctor. Doctor got back to her senses and said she did not want to perform this abortion. Aakarsh said he understood and took Jahnvi from there. Jahnvi confronted family. Family apologized and said they wanted to end Aakarsh and Satrupa’s evil child. Aakarsh said child was his and Jahnvi and if they didn’t believe, they can follow him. He made Jahnvi drink holy Gangajal saying any evil cannot withstand it. Nothing happened to Jahnvi. Family apologized to Jahnvi and Aakarsh. Prachi followed Harsh to Daayan’s den. Daayan asked Harsh to sit for ritual. Veer tied to a pole by Daayan pleaded Harsh not to do that. Prachi slipped and fell in.

Daayan said Prachi came to save her love. Veer asked her to go away. Prachi said he saved her many times and now she would save him. Daayan tortured Prachi and made even her and Aakarsh sit for ritual saying they will drink daayan blood and become daayan. She then sensed her dear one was in trouble. Harsh requested her not to go before reliving Jananta. Daayan said dead people never come back, she was just using him. She kicked him and disappeared, injuring Harsh badly. Veer and Prachi freed themselves and took Harsh from there. Daayan found out that baby was Aakarsh and Jahnvi’s and got tensed that she would be bullied when daayans foumd out that her grandson was a mix of human and daayan breed. She caught Satrupa and punished her for lying. Satrupa denied at first, but then accepted it. Daayan killed Satrupa’s six forms and sparing one ordered to kill Jahnvi and her baby if she wanted to be alive. Satrupa agreed.

Veer and Prachi took Harsh back home and informed family what happened. Family treated Harsh first and then scolded him for trusting Daayan as dead people never come back. Veer and Prachi returned to their room and their romance started. Aakarsh took Jahnvi to their room and said still there was risk around her, so she should be careful. Satrupa waited outside their room. Jahnvi went out for something. Satrupa attacked Jahnvi shouting because of Jahnvi her six forms were dead and now she would kill Jahnvi and her baby. Aakarsh sensed something was wrong and walked out. He saw Satrupa attacking Jahnvi and turning to daayan attacked Satrupa saying she did not deserve to stay here.

Satrupa pleaded not to send her back to her world. Aakarsh sent her. Jahnvi asked if Satrupa would return again. Aakarsh said she would never return again. Family relaxed after some of their problems solve. Daayan emerged and attacked Jahnvi’s family. Aakarsh tried to stop her. She said by sending Satrupa back to her place, he proved he was not her son but Jahnvi’s husband. Harsh woke up hearing sounds. Prachi informed that Daayan was attacking family and would kill them all. Daayan continued attacking Jahnvi’s family and left after creating havoc. Jahnvi came back and looked for her family. The written update of 13 July 2019 Daayan episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Daayan, we see Veer warns about Daayan coming again but Aakarsh assures them that she will have to go through him to harm them. Doctor informs Jahnvi that she will have to abort her baby because it was split in half. Stay tuned!

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