Mohit Malhotra the talented actor who was last seen in Zee TV's Bhagya Lakshmi talks about his plans for Diwali this year. He also talks about the way in which he loves to celebrate the festival.

#HappyDiwali: We feast on good food and enjoy Diwali: Mohit Malhotra

Actor Mohit Malhotra who was last seen in Zee TV’s Bhagya Lakshmi is happy about celebrating Diwali with his family. He is happy that finally, he will get his time to be with his family.

Says Mohit, “I love celebrating Diwali with my family. Either we go to Delhi to celebrate with the family, or this time, I think my mom is coming, so it’s going to be an incredible Diwali. My brother, my bhabhi, my mom, and I are going to celebrate it together, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Talking about his thoughts on having an eco-friendly Diwali, Mohit answers, “Over time, we’ve not been burning crackers at all. What we really do is have a party at home, invite people over, and play some cards. We feast on good food and enjoy Diwali, along with incredible sweets since I have a big sweet tooth. So that’s what we do, and I believe we should urge everybody not to burn crackers, and avoid creating more air pollution and noise. There are many other good ways to celebrate Diwali, such as celebrating with your close ones and family, enjoying a great feast, and having a wonderful get-together.”

#HappyDiwali: We feast on good food and enjoy Diwali: Mohit Malhotra 868266

On the kind of attires he loves to wear for Diwali, Mohit says, “I love wearing traditional clothes, and I have an outfit for this Diwali that I got last year and saved. So I’m looking forward to wearing it this time. It’s amazing when you get to wear traditional clothes during these festivities.”

Mohit who earlier confessed that he has a sweet tooth states, “I love gulab jamun a lot; it’s one of my go-to sweets. Lately, I’ve also started loving Phirni. I’m not sure if Phirni is part of Diwali, but it’s another sweet that I’ve come to love recently, and it’s somewhat similar to kheer.

Explaining further on plans for Diwali this year, the actor states, “We usually buy gold on Dhanteras, and that’s what we’re planning to do. For Diwali, I will wear a kurta pyjama set with a waistcoat jacket.”

Here’s wishing a Very Happy Diwali to one and all!!