Daayan 7 july 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Janhvi faints. Prithvi stated that they will abort the baby without informing Aakarsh and Janhvi. Aakarsh is scared that the baby is Daayan blood and Janhvi is stabbed by Satrupa .

Daayan 7 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode

Aakarsh asked Jahnvi if she was fine. Jahnvi said yes. Family walked in and said Satrupa told Jahnvi’s baby was hers, so they wanted to do tantra and find out truth. Aakarsh said he already told that baby was Jahnvi’s and he would not allow anyone to do tantra on her. Family insisted to agree. Aakarsh asked Jahnvi to explain them. Jahnvi said she was ready to undergo tantra for their satisfaction. Brijesh did tantra keeping something on Jahnvi’s stomach and it fell down. Satrupa emerged that she told already that baby was hers and if they tried to harm the baby, she would not spare them. Aakarsh warned to not claim his baby as hers and attacked her, she disappeared.

He then requested family again not to trust Satrupa. Family said they could not lose Jahnvi, so they would get her abortion. Aakarsh warned if they again thought of aborting his child, he would not spare them. He took Jahnvi to their room and asked how could they think of aborting a child which had not even developed well. Jahnvi said her family was concerned for her, she knew that the baby waa theirs and she would protect it. She said she wanted to tell a secret that babies could listen everything and learn, Abhimanyu learnt to break chakravyuh/circle in his mother’s womb. He smiled. She said he looked handsome smiling and asked what should they name their baby and suggested Chintu. Veer said name should be strong like, Rajshatru, Ajatshatru and Kaalshatru. She asked him to list names, she would decide later.

This is what we saw in the previous episode of Daayan….

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