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Divya Drishti 25 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Shikhar tries to trick Divya but Divya attacks him.

Divya Drishti 25 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Divya kills Shikhar

Today’s Divya Drishti 25 August episode begins with Pishachini giving the remote of the bomb to Shikhar. She told him to keep an eye on Divya. Drishti and Divya called out Vetaal who gave them their third riddle. Shikhar came to Divya along with Romi. Romi tricked Shikhar and took away the remote from him. The two tried to snatch away the remote from each other. Vetaal put Drishti and Divya to test through his riddles.

They solved the puzzles to save the lives of the kids. A small girl caught hold of the bomb remote. She pressed the fifth floor button which set off the bomb. The bomb exploded but Rakshit saved the life of the person stuck om the floor. Drishti and Divya got the three elements required to get the last gem. Vetaal instructed them to combine the three elements in order to produce the most powerful element.

Pishachini attacked Vetaal who told her that Drishti and Divya had gotten the three elements of the last gem. Romi and Shikhar met Drishti and Divya. Shikhar pretended to seek Divya’s help but Romi stopped her by revealing Shikhar’s real intentions. Divya failed to trust Romi’s words. Divya asked Drishti to run away and complete the tasks. Shikhar pushed Divya away and revealed that he was an evil man who only wanted powers. Pishachini and Daitya vanar had an argument while Drishti made a run.

Divya stopped Shikhar from attacking Drishti. Pishachini ran after Drishti and caught her. She struggled to snatch the bag of elements from Drishti. Drishti spilled the ash inside the bag on the floor. Branches start sprouting from the ash. Romi reached out to Rakshit and asked him to help Divya. Daitya vanar attacked Divya. Rakshit came and hit him hard. Shikhar held a child from his tail and threatened Rakshit and Divya to throw the kid from the terrace.

Shikhar threw the kid down. Rakshit jumped after the child and saved him. Drishti came to a secret room and found Lord Shiva’s idol there. She decoded the last hint and got the flower which would help her in finding the third gem. Divya and Shikhar got into a deadly fight. Shikhar hit Divya hard on her head. Divya stabbed Shikhar with a dagger. Divya informed Rakshit that she had stabbed Shikhar to death. The written update of 25 August 2019 Divya Drishti episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Divya Drishti, watch the bomb blast kills Divya and Drishti. Stay tuned!

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