Divya Drishti April 14, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Drishti Save Divya From Falling to her Death? | IWMBuzz

Divya falls, Drishti saves her.

Divya Drishti April 14, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Drishti Save Divya From Falling to her Death?

In today’s episode of Divya Drishti we saw as Lavanya trying her best to impress Rakshit. Later, Rakshit tells Drishti to order food from a restaurant. But Drishti denies saying she can manage everything by herself.

Shekhar is then seen returning home with injuries. As soon as he is in, Divya and everyone else rush towards his aid. Meanwhile, Pishachini enters the house completely disguised.

Pishachini tell the whole family that Rakshit encountered some goons on the way who stabbed him and upon seeing that she rushed in to save him. Aish then falsely introduces Pishachini as her cousin, Pritam.

Divya is understandably worried about Shekhar’s injured state. But Drishti consoles her calmly. All the while, Drishti does not understand the reason how she was unable to foresee Shekhar’s future.

Later, its time for Satsang and Simran is asked to inform Drishti and Rakshit as well as Divya and Shekhar to get dressed in their respective wedding attires and join everyone downstairs for the same.

The whole Shergill family is then seen singing and dancing around as religious songs are played.

Some time later, Shekhar is seen in extreme pain due to their previous injuries. But Divya is there to help him take care of his wounds by dressing them carefully.

Shekhar flees from there. Pishachini takes advantage by wearing Shekhar’s attire and then goes to Divya. Drishti suddenly gets a glimpse of a person trying to harm Divya by stabbing her. She rushes towards Divya and warns her against the looming threat. Divya is confused and questions Drishti asking how can she predict the future. Drishti then reveals that they are sisters.

Accidentally, Divya ends up using her powers on Drishti which is how Drishti finds herself being thrown off the building by her sister.

Meanwhile, Pishachini comes in with the intention to attack Divya. But as soon as Divya realizes Drishti is her sister, she again uses her power and saves her from plunging towards her death.

Lavanya rushes toward Divya and tells her to run away from here. Later, Pischachini says that Lavanya is the magical twin.

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