Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 1 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Janhvi is successful in her revenge when Kabir accidentally kills PK while stopping him from killing Janhvi

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 1 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode

Jhanvi (Shrenu Parikh) troubling PK and his family. She didn’t let PK have his rights on the house and vehicles. She stopped PK from leaving in the car. She asked them to leave empty handed. Kabir got angry at Jhanvi. They didn’t think that Jhanvi would cheat them so badly. The family felt that Jhanvi was the ideal bahu. Kabir took PK to his friend’s house. Kabir informed Kavya about Jhanvi’s shenanigans. He felt PK had done wrong and they had to bear the consequences of his mistakes. He thanked Kavya for bringing Jhanvi’s truth out. Ishani was much upset with Jhanvi for hurting Kabir.

She loved Kabir and asked Jhanvi why she sent Kabir away. She reminded Jhanvi her promise of uniting Kabir and her. She couldn’t live without Kabir. She threatened to kill Jhanvi. She acted mad and made Jhanvi worried. She left the house. Jhanvi felt sorry for Ishani. She wanted her sister back. She felt she had lost her sister because of her revenge. PK wanted to take revenge on Jhanvi. He was angered thinking the way Jhanvi tried to kill him. He rushed to kill Jhanvi. He went home and caught Jhanvi at gun point. He compelled her to come with him. He took her to the cliff to kill her.

Kabir got clue that PK had gone to kill Jhanvi. He didn’t want PK to commit any other crime. Kabir tried to reach PK and stop him from committing another crime. PK told Jhanvi that he trusted her a lot and thought she would take care of his family . He felt silly that he didn’t recognize her truth. She asked him to shoot her soon since times may change. She threatened to kill him. PK accepted her wish and shot at her. Kabir reached PK and stopped him from killing Jhanvi.

Kabir and PK fought while she made a quick leave. Kabir tried to get the gun from his hand. PK fell down the cliff. Jhanvi saw this from far and got to happy that her revenge got completed. Kabir couldn’t believe that PK died by his hands. Jhanvi happily danced to celebrate her enemy’s death. Kabir turned revengeful against Jhanvi. Kabir promised himself to destroy Pooja.

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