In the last episode, we saw that Revati gets worried when Angad doesn’t answer her call. She asks Guddan to call up Akshat and find out. Akshat lies about Angad and Guddan realises he is lying. Antra is deciding to kill Angat by suffocating him in the wall.qShe then calls Akshat and ask him to meet her at a temple. Guddan reaches the Jindal Bhavan after Akshat has left and found out Antara’s truth. None of them knows where Akshat went. Antara sees Akshat at the temple and forces him to marry her if he wants to save Angad. Tonight’s episode begins with Antara and Akshat sitting in the temple for the wedding rituals.

Akshat doesn’t take any part but Antara makes him perform some rituals forcefully. On the other hand, everyone is worried about Akshat. Guddan asks Lakshmi to track the location of Akshat’s mobile like she had done it last time. In the temple, the priest asks Antara and Akshat to get up for the holy saat pheras. But Antara wants Guddan to see them getting married. She instigates Akshat by saying that she wants Guddan to see Antara getting married to Akshat but cannot do anything. Akshat gets very furious. But Antara’s goons hold him tight.

In the Jindal house, Lakshmi starts tracing Akshat’s mobile. But Revati gets very restless as she fears if Angad’s life might be in danger. By that time Antara calls Guddan. Guddan gets very furious with Antara. She asks Antara (Daljit Kaur) about Angad and Akshat but Antara makes fun of it. She denies telling where she has kept Angad. Antara tells Guddan that she is getting married to Akshat in the Durga temple which a half-hour distance from Jindal house and Angad is kept in a mill compound which is in the opposite direction with minimum oxygen. Everyone gets shocked to hear that. Antara tells Guddan that she can either save Akshat else Angad.

She also threatens to kill Angad and Akshat if someone else enters into the plan except Guddan. Guddan gets into a dilemma with all that. Revati insists Guddan inform Police else Angad might lose his life. Revati gets very panic. Everyone tries to make her calm down. They make her understand that Antara wants Guddan alone to go and save Akshat and Angad. But Revati doesn’t listen to anyone. While she is about to leave to see where Angad is kept but Guddan stops her. She promises Revati to save Angad safe and sound.

Guddan seeks blessings from Dadi so that she can save Akshat and Angad too. Guddan starts running towards the location. She sees the board of Durga temple where Antara is getting married to Akshat. But Angad is kept at the exact opposite direction. Guddan gets very frustrated as it is not possible for her alone to save both of them. She closes her eyes. She remembers the moment when Akshat had confessed his love to her. She is relaxed and determines her path. In the Jindal house, Revati is still very restless. Bhushan asks her to trust Guddan who will handle everything. He is confident about Guddan. Meanwhile, Antara tries to tease Akshat even more. Akshat still tells her that it is not easy for her to defeat Guddan. But Antara is still overconfident. Akshat proudly tells her that Guddan will be successful in saving Angad and him too. On the other hand, Guddan reaches to the mill compound where Antara has kept Angad as she decides to save Akshat’s brother first. She sees Antara’s goons outside the mill gate. But still determines to save Angad safely. On the other hand, Angad is getting exhausted in the tomb made around him. Guddan observes that the goons are very greedy for money. So she decides to give her golden jewellery to bribe them with that.

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