Today’s episode of 10 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega starts as we see Guddan runs towards the temple to stop AJ’s wedding. She realizes that she will not make it in time. Guddan sees a Ganesh caravan. She says please show me a way, God. I have to save my husband. she sees a bike and takes it.

Pandit Ji asks Antra and AJ to stand up for rounds. Antra says you Guddan can’t come and stop this wedding. AJ says she would come. The rounds start. Guddan is one the way. Only one round is left. Antra says I will win today. AJ says one round is left Guddan would come.
Guddan comes there with a Trishul. Guddan says I told you, you would lose Guddan. your end is today. Guddan hugs AJ and says your love makes everything possible. I love you. AJ says I told you you would express your love one day.

Antra says this game isn’t over. Guddan picks her Trishul. Antra picks her Trishul. AJ shoves her. He says I was bound by now.
Don’t even dare to harm my wife. I love you Guddan, I would kill anyone who tries to harm you. Antra picks her phone. Guddan throws her phone away. Guddan says you have lost. We are together and we won. Guddan gives AJ Mata’s chunri. She says make me wear it and marry me. Marry me and kill all the problems between us.

AJ makes Guddan wear the chunri. They sit down near the fire. Pandit asks Guddan and AJ to stand up and make the rounds. The woman says you two are made for each other. AJ fills her hairline. Antra is angry. AJ holds Guddan’s hand. Guddan says nothing is more important than this Sindu. You took everything from me but I defeated you with their help. Antra says you can’t win this easily. You have to give a sacrifice. Guddan says I won’t let you harm my family anymore. We are getting rid of you. Police come there. They arrest Antra. Guddan says go to your home. Inspector says thank you Guddan. antra say the real game would start now. I will kill now. Real Mahabharat would start now. Your family and you would cry every day.

Guddan says don’t think about her AJ. She was just being filmy. AJ says you would come as heroin and save me. Revati says there is no news of Angat and AJ. Kaushaliya says please calm down. Dadi says they must become. Guddan calls Durga. Does Durga say AJ and Angat are they with you? Guddan says AJ is with me and Angat must be coming home. AJ says we are coming back home. Daadi says she will give Guddan a newlywed bride’s welcome when she returns. Dadi says I would do your art together. Will Antara return for revenge? The written update of 10 September 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega ends here.