Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 01 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Rohit did a successful surgery on Suman and told Sonakshi to meet him at court.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 01 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Rohit treated Sonakshi’s mother

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 01 August episode begins with a doctor saying Suman was better now, they will do angiography tomorrow, Pulkit might have studied the case. If Rohit (Karan Grover) was called here, they could have shifted Suman to Sippy hospital. Sonakshi (Deepika Kakar) said they can make the decisions, not Rohit, she requested them. Doctor agreed. Sukhmani got a call and woke up. She went to Nishi. Nishi yelled at YK and opened the door. Sukhmani said she had to understand, bring her husband to room; else his mom will keep calling. Nishi said so he told his mom. Yash’s mom won’t disturb her sleep now. It was morning; Nishi went to Yash and argued with him. He asked were they in school that he will complain to his mom. He said he can share his feelings with his mom. She said his mom troubled her mom. She went. He said why women make issues always. Rohan said dad had given a cheque book; she had to sign some cheques. Sukhmani said keep it, she will sign. Ajit asked maid to get his breakfast. He saw Rohan. Akash asked Rohan to talk to Ajit. Rohan asked why he didn’t do anything wrong. Nishi asked Ajit how was the party. Ajit said party went for long.

Nishi said Sonakshi was shouting at them as if she was shooting here. Veena said she was a nice girl, she asked Rohit to change his decision. Rohan said it was tough that he changed his decision. Ajit said Rastogis were brave, they thought Rohit will handle Suman’s case, Vishal called and said Suman had a cardiac problem, he wanted Rohit to come, he said why would Rohit come there. Rohit asked who called. Ajit said Suman was ill, Vishal wanted her to attend him, she refused and said he was sleeping. Rohit said he would have called him. Ajit said he was Sonakshi’s mum Suman. Rohit said patient was patient, it was his duty. He rushed. Veena said he did wrong. Sonakshi woke up and asked doctor how was Suman. Doctor said Suman wasn’t well, she wasn’t breathing fine. Rohit came and talked to doctors. Vishal said thank.

Rohit said sorry, his brother had said that. The doctor told the details. Sonakshi stopped Rohit and said this man won’t even touch her mom, she won’t allow him. Vishal said Rohit was the best heart surgeon, her mom needed him. Sonakshi said he brought her mom to this condition, she didn’t trust him. Rohit said there was the difference between her and his job, she triggered emotions, feelings weren’t important than patient’s life, this was his important duty, they swear for this. He went in. Pari said Rohit had come to check mum. Pulkit said don’t worry, mom will be fine now, have coffee. Sonakshi asked what this was, was there anything serious. Vishal said it was not a major surgery, there were three blockages in her mom’s heart, blood flow wasn’t proper, once stents were attached, her mum will be fine, make sure that she didn’t get mental stress, there was nothing to worry. Nurse gave her the form. He said it’s was consent form, it stated she was giving consent to Dr. Rohit for performing angiography. Sonakshi recalled Rohit’s words. Pari said she won’t sign. Pulkit asked Sonakshi to sign. Sonakshi signed the papers. Doctor said everything will be fine now. Pari said she had taken the decision wisely, if anything happened to mom, she will never forgive her. Pulkit said she took the right decision, mom would get fine. Rohit treated Suman. He recalled Sonakshi’s words.

He went out and said her mum was fine, they had attached three stents to clear blockages, don’t give stress, BP should not fluctuate, she will be fine. Pulkit thanked and hugged him. Rohit said he was going to become a doctor, control his emotions, don’t watch tv much. He asked Sonakshi not to thank him, It was his duty. He said he was a good surgeon and a better brother, he will see her in the court as Pooja’s brother. He went. He gave the paper and said his fees, deposit the cheque by evening. He left. Pari said 3.40 lakhs for an operation. Vishal thanked Rohit. Rohit said he was doing his duty. Vishal said she was fine. Pulkit asked Pari not to fight with Sonakshi. Rohit came. Sonakshi said they were right, they won’t lose, Rohit will understand, Sippy family wasn’t doing wrong, they would have reacted the same way if this happened with them. Sonakshi assured Pari that the truth will be out in the court. Rohit went. Sonakshi asked Pari to stay strong.

Veena said Nishi, she believed that she and YK sort out their issues, his mum didn’t like her, she will tell everything to Pooja. Nishi said that they adopted Pooja from an orphanage. Veena said but Pooja didn’t know this, if she knew this, she won’t tolerate it. Nishi nodded. Sonakshi came to Suman. Suman said she had to give 15 crores to Sippys. Pari said they had to fight the case, Rohit sent her the legal notice and did her surgery. Pulkit asked Pari to come out. Sonakshi said don’t pay attention to this, take rest. Netra came to meet Suman. She said get well soon, Rohit had treated her. Pari said mom, ask Sonakshi to go alone, she won’t go. Sonakshi asked Suman not to think about this. She said they should go home and get ready and took Pari along with her.The written update of 01 August 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Sonakshi plans to mix truth serum into the drinks while in a disco. Stay tuned!

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