Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 06 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Sonakshi and Rohit try to trap the culprit but Rohit got hurt in the process.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 06 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sonakshi treats Rohit’s wounds

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 06 August episode begins with Rohit (Karan Grover) calling someone but the call didn’t connect. He thought of Sonakshi (Deepika Kakar). He thought of his lover and how much he loved her. He got upset. Rohan and Pari were on the way. He said it was going to rain now and congratulated her. She said thanks, by the way, how was Pooja. He said she was fine, whatever happened, it was tough to come out of that. She said she was interested in Bollywood, not tv serials. He said she will look good on the big screen, he had no knowledge about it, producers and writers were his friends, he was a builder, he was thinking to introduce her to them, but he can’t promise so they exchanged number. She said sure. He said he was Rohan Sippy. She said Praniti Rastogi. He dropped her. She went. Deepa came home. Veena asked her to have chocolate icecream.

Deepa asked where Rohit was. Veena said he was on his floor, he just came back Sukhmani said Yash shifted to Nishi’s room again. Yash joked on Nishi. Rohit came and said they shall go. Veena asked where. He said Deepa, Sonakshi and he made a plan, if everything went well, they will catch the culprit. Nishi asked him to be careful. Sonakshi said she hoped she came at the right place. She saw the mills board and said where Rohit and Deepa were. Rohit said it was raining heavily, did Sonakshi reach. Deepa said relax, she messaged, she had reached. She got Akash’s call. Rohit asked what happened. She said a customer was drunk and creating troubles at the restaurant, she will take a cab. Rohit said he will drop her. Sonakshi said who it can be, Rohit, Karan or Sumit. She got her phone. It fell down. He hit the window. She saw Karan. He opened the door and smiled. Rohit came there. He saw Sonakshi’s car. He called her and saw her phone inside. He said where she went, was there any emergency. He shouted Sonakshi.

Karan shut Sonakshi’s mouth and took her behind the tree. He hid her. Ravi said they should leave, the road was blocked. Rohit left. Karan said her new lover left. Sonakshi shouted Rohit. Karan said not to bite his hand, this didn’t work now. She hit and said this way worked always. She ran and stumbled. She fell in Rohit’s arms. He nodded to her. Rohit saw Karan and ran to hit him. He pushed Karan. They fought. Rohit said he knew something was wrong so he acted to leave. Karan said sorry. Rohit scolded him. He said he did wrong with Sonakshi and Pooja on fashion show night. Karan said he didn’t know anything, someone called him so he had come here. Rohit asked what he did. Karan said he got the sparks fallen on Sonakshi to spoil her performance, he didn’t do anything with Pooja. Sonakshi said stop Rohit, he can just hurt her, he can’t do this, leave him. Rohit said it was a crime, she could have got burnt.

She said leave it, if he went to news, media will use this, he can stoop low to get publicity, she can’t take risk with her name and show. Rohit got angry and warned Karan. Ravi followed Rohit with the umbrella. Rohit made him away. He asked Sonakshi was she mad, who asked her to get down the car, she was Sonakshi, not Parvati. She said he didn’t come on time, door wasn’t locked. He said she drove without license, her door wasn’t locked. She said she can drive the car. He said she knew everything, you say dialogues to hit people, instead karate. She said no, she had hit him and got saved. He asked where she kicked. She said she had kicked him, anyway, leave it, why didn’t he come on time. He said there was an emergency in Akash’s restaurant, he dropped Deepa. She said she would have sent his schedule to Karan. Ravi asked Rohit to sit inside the car and argue. Rohit looked up. Sonakshi asked what, isn’t he strange, he was looking up to confirm it was raining. Rohit said come sit. She asked Rohit to show his hand, it was bleeding. He said not to tear her dress, it was not a tv serial. She said she knew, sit inside. She asked Ravi to give first aid kit. Rohit said it was surgeon’s car, it will be there. Ravi said first aid kit wasn’t there, he forgot. Sonakshi smiled and asked for a kerchief.

Rohit said it was dirty, he will get an infection. Ravi said it was clean. Sonakshi said she will kick him like she kicked Karan. She tied the kerchief. He thanked her. He asked Ravi to get Sonakshi’s stuff and leave the car, she can pick it up later. He put newspapers on the seat and said seat will spoil, get up fast. Sonakshi asked could she sit now. Rohit said please. She said what the use to keep papers was; this will get drenched and tear. He said yes. Ravi got the stuff. Rohit said what a night, so she thought Karan was saying the truth. She said yes, Sumit did that, he won’t come here, he loved his image a lot, and he was an actor. Rohit said now that actor was dealing with this doctor. She said surgeon. He said heart surgeon. They left. He saw Sonakshi. The written update of 06 August 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Pari spots Sonakshi and Rohit together when they stumble onto each other due t power cut. Stay tuned!

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