Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Rohit challenging Sonaksh that he will ruin her image just as she did with Pooja.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sonakshi confronts Rohit

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30 July episode begins with Sonakshi (Deepika Kakar) saying they will do what Netra ji said and asked Pari to come with her. Yash went to Nishi. She packed a bag. He said he knew she was angry, he was ashamed and sorry. She said she was not going anywhere, all this was his. She didn’t care where he stayed and kicked him out. Naren came and asked what this was. She cried. She said she was sorry. Naren asked what did she say YK. Rohan came and asked what, YK and Nishi started talking again, what was the topic. Nishi said ask YK, take him out. Rohan said okay, YK come. Naren asked Rohan to learn being quiet. Rohan said he was joking. Nishi said get out. They left. Nishi shut the door and cried. Naren apologized to Yash. He asked Rohan to keep Yash’s things in the guest room. He said he didn’t know what had happened; they both were angry, calm down a bit. Sukhmani said if she was fighting because he went to the hospital to see his mom, it was not his mistake.Yash said it was his mistake, he will pacify Nishi. Sonakshi, Pari and Netra came to Sippys.

Guard said Parvati madam. Sonakshi asked on which floor Sippy’s stay did. Guard said the entire building belonged to them, whom she wanted to meet. Sonakshi said Dr. Rohit. Guard said come. Netra said they were quite rich, that was why they asked for 15 crores compensation. Rosy called Rohit and said Sonakshi had come here to meet him. Rohit said tell her he didn’t want to meet. Sonakshi said he had sent her the notice, just come down, she was waiting. Akash asked Yash to come and have snacks. Yash saw Nishi. Ajit joked on Yash. Rohan asked him to mind it. Nishi taunted Yash. She called up Pooja and said she wasn’t answering her phone. Tanya said she was busy with the shoot; she will take some time to come home. Pari said she din’t think he will come. Sonakshi asked her to be quiet.

Veena came and said what she was doing here. Sonakshi said she was Netra ji, her producer and this was her sister. Veena said congrats, please come in. Sonakshi said they will wait here. Rosy said she had called. Veena said she was their guest. Ajit said he was going in the party. Sukhmani asked where. They saw Sonakshi. Rohan said another drama. Maid got happy and greeted Sonakshi. Rohit came there. He said he just told her that he didn’t want to meet. Veena and Naren asked Rohit to remember his manners. Sonakshi asked what this was, and accused him for suing her unnecessarily. She asked Deepa not to talk in between. She said she was talking to Rohit, who had filed defamation case on her. Deepa said Rohit and she filed the case, she will be punished. Sonakshi said compensation of 15 crores. Deepa said yes. Sonakshi asked seriously, 15 crores, she didn’t know that Rohit can heal his sister’s pain by getting money. He asked can’t he use his power when she did this to make her sister win. She said he waz blinded by anger, he can’t reach the real culprit. He asked her to come to court and talk, only she will be ruined with this case. She said he didn’t know media, Pooja will be ruined. He said she was afraid for herself, don’t worry for Pooja, Pari would not have any crown or career. He said Netra ji, when the audience know Sonakshi’s truth, lets see what imagine she had and their show had. Ajit said let her talk first. Rohan slapped him. Rohan asked was anyone saying something is quiet.

Sukhmani asked how he dare talk to him like this. Rohan said he was fed up of all these arguments. Naren asked him to go to his room. Ajit got upset and went. Rohit said as soon as she came here, she made two brothers fight. She asked them to make Rohit understand. She said they tried their best to stop the media, if this matter went to court, everything will be exposed, Pooja will have to go through the same pain again. She said she was a lawyer, she would understand this better, lawyers insult a person, Pari and Pooja would be defamed. Nishi said Pooja got insulted, how Pari came in between. Sonakshi said Pari was the target of that incident, not Pooja, Pari exchanged the dress with Pooja’s dress. Yash asked why she did this. Nishi said Pooja was my daughter. Sonakshi said she wanted to explain this to Rohit, she went to fix a hook to Pari’s dress, Pari came and told them the truth, this was not the truth to get scared, tell them.

Pari said when she went to change her dress that day. She told everything. Sonakshi said she felt someone else tampered with the dress and then Pari exchanged her dress and this incident took place, she hoped now they believe her, they can’t do this with Pooja, Pari was the target, but Pooja became a victim. Rohit said she should be a part of a detective serial, Pooja became a victim instead Pari, what nonsense that she came and give them a story. Sonakshi said she was not lying; don’t talk anything about her profession. He said Netra ji she had such stories in the show, Sonakshi came here to do this drama. Sonakshi said fine, he thought it was a lie, please don’t let this matter go to court, you will regret a lot. He said her reputation will shatter; she came here with her producer. She said she came thinking he was smart and she wanted to do what was right for Pooja . Rohit called security. Sonakshi, Netra and Pari left. They saw Pooja coming. Sonakshi asked how she was. Pooja turned away. They left. The written update of 30 July 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Suman suffers a heart attack due to the court notice. The surgeon decides to call Dr. Rohit to treat her. Stay tuned!

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