In today’s episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki, we see the police enquire about the accident through Shivani who denies seeing the actual accident hence the police don’t arrest Bajaj.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 13 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Police don’t arrest Bajaj

Today’s episode of 13 September 2019 Kasauti Zindagi Ki episode starts as we see Bajaj warning Mohini of not touching Prerna and it was his car that hit Anurag and Prerna is not responsible. As they all continue arguing with each other the police arrive at the hospital and enquire Mohini about Anurag’s accident to which she tells them Bajaj was responsible for the accident.

Mohini further tells the police that Shivani was the eyewitness of the accident. Police ask Shivani if she had seen the accident happen. Shivan denies seeing the accident actually happening as a result Police didn’t arrest Bajaj. But, ask Bajaj to come to the police station to answer some questions regarding the accident.

After some time, we see Mohini bring Anurag home for further treatment. Maloy comes to see him and gets emotional. The doctor sees Anurag’s vitals changing on the monitor and calls out for the nurse.

On the other hand, Sharda praises Prerna for her helpful nature. But asks her to break all ties with the Basu family.

Prerna meets with Anurag’s doctor who tells her about his critical condition. Meanwhile, Sharda is trying to convince Bajaj on no longer letting the Basus live with them. The written update of 13 September 2019 Kasauti Zindagi Ki ends here.

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