In today’s episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki, we see how Anurag’s condition improves when Prerna enters his room and asks him to wake up.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Anurag’s condition improves

Today’s episode of 16 September 2019 Kasauti Zindagi Ki starts as we see Prerna talk to herself while thinking of going to Anurag, while she is doing this she accidentally bumps into Bajaj and tells him that she is willing to do anything to save Anurag.

Bajaj allows her to go see Anurag but Mohini stops her from doing so. Prerna argues with Mohini and Maloy to meet Anurag. While this scene is happening Anurag enters a serious condition and doctors start making attempts to save him.

Bajaj saves Maloy from falling when Maloy tries to get out of his chair. Here the doctors are still making many attempts to save Anurag but not getting any results.

Prerna enters the room where Anurag is kept and asks him to wake up. Just as she says these things to him, Anurag’s condition improves with her voice and this surprises Mohini.

Now, even Mohini realizes that Anurag can be saved only be Prerna being around him. She asks Bajaj if Prerna can stay in the hospital for some more time. Tanvi tells Sharda about how Bajaj was not affected by Prerna staying in the hospital with Anurag. She also asks Sharda about her feelings for Anurag.

Later we see that, as Prerna is about to leave, Anurag holds her hand and calls her name. He even asks her to stay with him. The written update of 16 September 2019 Kasauti Zindagi Ki ends here.

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