In Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 18th March 2020 episode, Komolika asks Nivedita to not go to the office. Prerna meets Veena. Komolika appoints Ronit as CEO of the company.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Episode Update 18th March 2020: Komolika appoints Ronit CEO

The episode begins with Komolika shouting at Nivedita. Nivedita says is she worried about the lost auction or Prerna’s next move. Komolika says that Nivedita need not go to office from tomorrow and manage the kitchen. Nivedita gets angry and tells Mohini but she reminds her how Komolika saved Moloy. Meanwhile, Komolika calls Ronit and asks him to meet her. She tells Anurag that Ronit will defeat Prerna. On the other hand, Kuki asks Prerna why Mr Bajaj acts so cold, he used to be sweet during her childhood, but something is keeping him away. Prerna tells her that he doesn’t express but he loves her.

On the way, Prerna spots Veena and follows her. She is shocked to see Veena and her family living in a small chawl. Prerna meets everybody and asks them to come to Mr Bajaj’s house. Veena refuses. Ronit comes to meet Komolika and Mohini gets rasgullas for him. Komolika then says Ronit will be the CEO of the company. Nivedita and Mohini get shocked. Komolika tells Nivedita to congratulate him. She tells Ronit he has to prove that she didn’t take a wrong decision by appointing him as CEO and he should defeat Prerna. He says he will surely find a solution. Komolika asks Nivedita not to feel bad, business is business. She says I know your performance will be good, be it CEO post or head cook, get a chef hat, you will look very cute. She goes. Nivedita says this isn’t funny. Mohini says she was just teasing you, why are you feeling bad.

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