Khatron Ke Khiladi 10, 18th July Written Update Full Episode: Tejasswi Prakash and Shivin Narang Go Home | IWMBuzz

In today’s episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10, 18th July we see Tejasswi Prakash quit the show because of her health concerns and Shivin Narang lost elimination task.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 10, 18th July Written Update Full Episode: Tejasswi Prakash and Shivin Narang Go Home

Today’s episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi of 18th July starts as we see Ring Master Rohit Shetty inform the contestants that Tejasswi Prakash is in the hospital recovering from her previous stunt ill health. He further explains the first stunt of the day. The stunt is performed by Karan Patel and Karishma with their respective partners Abhishek and Salman. To decide the order of performance, a mini stunt is played in which Karishma and Karan catch some running chicken. Karishma goes in first to perform this stunt. She finds it difficult to perform this chicken stunt as she is a vegetarian. We see Karishma giving her best to complete this chicken stunt. Most of the chicken she removes is put out of the box. After Karishma, we see Karan not ready to perform this stunt because of the injury on his nose, so it is only his friend Abhishek who perform this stunt. He single-handedly has to overpower the performance given by Karishma and Salman. Abhishek does great in removing the chicken but is unable to put it in the box, eventually he aborts the stunt. So, Karishma is the winner of this stunt and Karan gets the Fear Phunda.

The performers move on to the new location for the next stunt, another dynamic. Before explaining the stunt Rohit Shetty and the contestants have some fun banter with Karishma Tanna. This stunt involving some kind of shopping is performed by Balraj along with this friend Shalin. We see Balraj and Shalin start the stunt with great energy and complete the stunt. Rohit Shetty asks the contestants if anyone will proxy for Tejasswi because of her ill health. But, we see none of the contestants agree, thus, Tejasswi has to go home.

So, now it is time for the elimination stunt to be performed by Karan and Shivin, this stunt is a real Rohit Shetty stunt involving an overturning car and a ramp to run the car on. Shivin goes in first to perform this stunt. But, he goes off track and into the barricades, he is unable to reach the barrels. Later, Karan goes in with the car and somehow manages to hit one barrel. So, Karan wins the elimination stunt and it is Shivin’s turns to go home. The contestants make fun of Rohit Shetty’s dialogues. Rohit Shetty announces that Karan, Karishma, Dharmesh and Balraj are the four semifinalists.

It will be interesting to see who makes it to the finals and who goes home before the final step.

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