The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Shub showing Sonakshi, Sanjana’s laptop and telling her that she can be seen on the Laptop as well. Sonakshi is about to see the laptop by the time Sanjana arrives and closes the laptop. Sanjana tells Sonakshi that Shub and she were watching An animated movie about a mother and her children and Shub thought it was Sonakshi.

In the morning Sonakshi Deletes Dev’s software from her laptop. Sonakshi finds out that Sanjana’s laptop wallpaper has been animated and Sonakshi’s photo has been replaced by her. Sonakshi lashes out at Sanjana and asks Sanjana to delete that photo. Neha protects Sanjana by saying that it’s just a photo and that Soha is related to her. Sonakshi feels bad about Neha’s words and Ishwari consoles her.

Neha decides to join Dev’s office. Neha arrives at Dev’s office. Everyone is shocked to see Neha. Neha tells Dev that being Dev’s sister she has a right to join the office. Neha asks for her cabin. Neha arrives home and tells Ishwari and Sonakshi that she has joined Dev”‘s office and that Sanjana gave her the advice to do so. Sonakshi tells Neha that she should decide first what she wants to do and then take a step. Neha gets mad at Sonakshi and tells her that she has no right to tell Neha what to do.