The episode starts with Mamaji trying to convince Sonakshi to stay. She tells him that she still loves Dev and that she doesn’t want to keep him from his kids. But it is a decision she must take. He convinces her to make Dev understand by staying instead.

She goes to the children’s room. Ayush sees her crying. He wipes her tears, holds her hands, and asks her not to cry. She tells him that even though he’s so small he sounds so wise. He tells her that he learned it from Dev. He asks her not to go and she tells them that she won’t leave.

Dev, Sonakshi, and Shubh end up playing together. Dev takes Shubh to play with him. Ayush asks Sonakshi for a toothbrush and sees his new back and books. She tells him about him going to an English medium school and how he can do it because he is smart. When Soha enters, Sonakshi tells her that she should help Ayush when he needs help. She noted.

Dev and Sonakshi talk about the name change and the whole ordeal. Dev ends up going outside to sleep on the Ishwari to see this. Neither Dev nor Sonkshi can sleep. He eventually returns because he doesn’t want Ishwari or the kids to find out they slept separately. Sonakshi says that they can still sleep separately in the room. The next morning Ishwari sees Sonakshi in the kitchen and tells her that fights are normal but the fight should stay in their room.

Dev and Ayush talk for a while He asks Ayush what he wants to be when he grows up. He tells Ayush that whatever he chooses he will do great. Ayush and Soha both get ready for school. While Sonakshi helps Soha find her workbook, Dev helps Ayush with his tie. Soha goes in with Golu and he asks about her Ayush and she tells him he is her brother now. Sonakshi tells Ayush not to be too nervous. Dev and Sonakshi leave. He gets lonely at school and when he speaks to the others in Hindi they laugh at him.