The episode Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Neha telling Sonakshi that she has no right to tell her where to work and what to do, the company belongs to Dev and he has the right to make decisions. Neha tells Ishwari that Sanjana is the One responsible for her happiness. Sonakshi is not happy seeing Neha praising Sanjana as she knows that Sanjana is not a good person.

Sonakshi finds out that her children have not completed their homework and asks them the reason behind it. Soha replies by saying that Sanjana told them that it’s ok to be imperfect and do homework a little late as they are children. Sonakshi is shocked to see her children taking Sanjana’s side. Sanjana is planning on destroying Sonakshi’s life by separating each member of her family.

Sonakshi is Sitting in her room and is worried about everyone. Sonakshi tells Dev that everything has changed since the day she came back from Delhi. Dev is about to tell Sonakshi the truth about the other night but. By the time Neha arrives and scolds Sonakshi for not liking Sanjana.

In the morning Sanjana changes the Medicines Sonakshi was arranging for Ishwari and Ishwari feels sick. Neha blames Sonakshi for everything and takes Sanjana’s side and protects her.