Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi written update S03 29th October 2021 we can see that Dev tries to find out the source through which Sanjana received the mail.

The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev spending time with Shub. Sanjana is in her bedroom looking at the photo of her and Soha in her laptop. Soha enters Sanjana’s bedroom and tells her that she has finished all her homework and she wants to know how Sanjana managed to get her and Sona in One picture. Sanjana tells Soha that she has a niece who looks exactly Same as Soha . Sonakshi is worried about Sanjana trying to take her family away from her.

In the morning Sonakshi decides to stay home and take care of Ishwari. Sonakshi goes to reena’s house to find proof against Sanjana and she finds an Unknown letter. Dev reaches home and tries to tell Sonakshi the truth but Sanjana shows Deva photos of her and Deva together the other night and tells him that An unknown Person sent it to her. Dev becomes tensed and decides Not to tell Sonakshi the truth and avoids her by saying that he has got some investors to attend.

The other morning Dev tries to find out the source and Person who mailed the photos to Sanjana. The hacker tells Dev that the photos have been sent through An unknown source and that he is Not able to track it. The hacker tells Dev that someone even hacked his account and that link is related to the link through which Sanjana has received the mail. Sanjana gets worried.

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