Sonakshi is on the phone with the delivery boy, asking him to ring the doorbell, to which he responds that he has been ringing for a long time. Sonakshi and dev are together, Ishwari is very worried about why dev is not replying, and both Dev and Sonakshi go to open the door.

Sanjana, on the other hand, is just thinking when Sonakshi asks what she’s thinking. Sanjana responds that she’s wondering what Asha liked the most, and Bijoy explains that she was always a lover of simplicity, and it showed in everything she did. Sanjana jots it down. Sonakshi asks Bijoy if he remembers how her smile was enough to solve any problem in their lives, Sonakshi gets a call from her office, she apologises and mentions who she has to drop off, Sanjana also asks if Sonakshi can drop her off at the metro station, Sanjana explains she is glad she came to his house because she learned so much about Asha, and they will do their best to make this project memorable.

Ishwari is decorating Bhagwan’s murti, and Shuv asks if he wore the same clothes when he was younger, to which Ishwari replies that she made them herself. Sonakshi receives a call from the ice cream delivery boy, who explains how he has been ringing the bell for so long but no one has answered it, to which Sonakshi asks him to ring it again, to which he replies that he has., Sonakshi expresses her concern that Bijoy has not returned his call; Ishwari assures her that there is nothing to be concerned about and instructs them both to go investigate what has occurred. Sanjana places a Malla on the photo of Bijoy in her house, recalling that she went to his house with the excuse that she had forgotten her diary, and then she asked for a photo of Asha, which gave her the time to pour water on the floor and also place a live wire over it, she walked out with the coloured photo and heard Bijoy’s cry, she exclaims that he should bless her because then she would be able to create differences between Dev and Son, now she would be in the life of Dev.

Dev and Sonakshi both knock on the door, but Bijoy does not open it; Sonakshi enters and is surprised to discover Bijoy on the floor; she is going to check on him when Dev stops her; he notices the live wire and removes it with a stick; he then notices that Bijoy is breathing; Dev then phones the ambulance. Dev is on the phone with Ishwari, explaining that he is in the car while Sonakshi is in the ambulance with Bijoy, and they are taking him to the hospital. Ishwari is concerned about Bijoy’s whereabouts. She tells Dev to keep informing them about the situation, and that they should not be concerned about the children because she and Neha will look after them. Neha asks what happened when Ishwari explains Bijoy is ill; Soha, Aayush, and Shuv also hear it; Ishwari assures them that he will be fine because their parents took him to the hospital; she asks them to eat, but they all refuse, stating that they will not.

Sonakshi and Dev rush Bijoy to the operating room, where she begs him to open his eyes for her. The doctors tell Sonakshi to wait outside, and she begins to cry, her head resting on Dev’s shoulder.