The episode of Kuch Rang Pray Ke Aise Bhi starts with Ishwari asking Dev when will they bring Ayush to their house. Dev says that Sonakshi thinks they need some time to think. Ishwari says Ayush is not a living thing that they need time to think. Dev says that the hospital agreed to their mistake but he says he is worried if Ayush will be able to live in this house. Ishwari says he will learn to live as this is where he belongs. Dev reaches Rohit’s house and sees the grandfather doing some work. Dev offers his help. Dev asks him where he is Ayush, the grandfather says they tried talking to Ayush but he yelled at them and has locked himself in his room.

Dev goes to talk to Ayush. Dev tells Ayush that he came to know yesterday that he is Ayush’s father. Ayush says his father is dead. Dev explains the whole truth to him. He says he will provide Ayush with a good life but for that Ayush has to tell him what toys and food he likes. Ayush looks at Dev and asks how can he believe all this. Dev says the nurse exchanged him in the hospital for money. The Grandfather assures Ayush that Dev is telling the truth. Ayush tells Dev to be ready as he will come to pick him tomorrow.

Sonakshi cries holding Soha’s album. She says the feeling that she got after having Soha as her daughter can’t be compared to anything, even if she didn’t give birth to her. Ishwari comes and asks Sonakshi if she still isn’t able to handle the truth. She tells her that a mothers bond is the strongest with her child during nine months. She tells Sonakshi to remember anything relating to Ayush. Soha comes and tells Sonakshi that the teacher has given a homework to draw her family tree. She asks for pictures of all the family members from Sonakshi. Sonakshi thinks that Soha is preparing a family tree about people who have no relation with her.

The next day Dev and Sonakshi go to get Ayush. Ayush hugs his grandparents and asks if they will come to meet him. His grandparents shower him with love and bid him goodbye. Dev drives the car while Sonakshi and Ayush sit behind silently. Ayush asks if he can call her aunty, Sonakshi agrees. They call reach home, Ishwari has decorated the house and performs Ayush pooja. She says that Ayush looks exactly like Dev.