The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Soha asking Mami if she did not get Golu. Mami asks Soha if she is missing Golu. Sonakshi gets a Bengali dish. Dadi asks Ayush to take some. Mami says Ayush is not from Bengal and will take time to adjust with them. Ayush leaves without eating. Ishwari worries for Ayush. Ishwari then takes dal rice for Ayush. Ayush hesitates to eat but Ishwari makes him eat some. Soha asks Ishwari to feed her halwa. Ishwari asks Soha to make halwa from Sonakshi. Soha feels bad. She takes Dadi’s phone and leaves.

Soha calls Golu and says she is missing him. Soha tells Golu that there is a guest in their house who is also occupying her bedroom and also everyone from their family giving him love. Soha says she doesn’t like him. Golu tells Soha that next time he will come and they both will teach a lesson to Ayush. Sonakshi comes to Ishwari and says that Ayush is denying which means he doesn’t want to eat and he must be full. Ishwari says she knows well when a child is full. Ayush takes a bite and pukes.

Sonakshi says that Ayush will take time to adjust with them. Dev tells Sonakshi that Mr. Varma wants to meet Sonakshi. Sonakshi worries. Dev says they just want to see Soha once and so he agreed to it.

Ayush holds Rohit’s pic and cries. Soha asks Ayush not to make noise and sleep. Ayush gets out of his bed and leaves. Soha goes to Dev and asks till when Ayush will be staying with them. Soha says she doesn’t like Ayush and asks Dev to send him back to his parents. Ayush says where he will go, as his parents are dead. He says he was missing his father so he was crying. Ayush leaves.

Soha asks Dev and Sonakshi to send Ayush away. Dev says Ayush will stay with them forever as there is no one to take care of him. Soha asks Dev to send Ayush to the orphanage. Dev says Ayush needs love and care, so they cannot send him to the orphanage. Ayush hears their conversation and goes to sleep.

The next day, Soha writes I Hate You and sticks on Ayush’s bed. Ayush sees it and ignores it. Sonakshi and Ishwari also see it. Sonakshi tears it. Ishwari asks Sonakshi to explain Soha. Ishwari tells Sonakshi that Ayush is also her son and she has to pay equal attention to him.