The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi asking Soha if she knows what she is proud of. Soha says no. Sonakshi says she feels proud when she sees Soha. Sonakshi asks Soha why she gets angry for small reasons. Soha says Ayush gets everything that belongs to her. Soha says she will behave nice but they have to send Ayush away. Sonakshi asks Soha not to talk such. Mamiji comes with Golu. She gives tiffin to Sonakshi and asks her to give it to Dev and nobody else should eat it. Soha starts telling Golu about Ayush but Golu shops her and they go into their room.

Soha and Golu start playing video games. Ayush stands behind them and looks at the game. Golu stands in front of Ayush and doesn’t let him see the game. Dev comes and sees that. Dev introduces Ayush to Golu, asks them to shake hands and asks Golu to play with Ayush. Dev leaves. Ayush gets busy playing video games while Soha and Golu leave him alone in the room. Ayush gets upset.

Dev and Sonakshi have a conversation. Mr Verma texts Dev and asks when he will get to meet Soha. Dev replies to him. Sonakshi gets concerned about Soha.

The next day, Dev and Sonakshi take Soha to an ice cream shop. Soha asks them why they are treating her. Sonakshi says they love her and she is their favourite. Soha goes to buy ice cream. Mr & Mrs Verma come there and greets Dev-Sonakshi. Dev calls Soha. Soha takes ice cream and comes to Sonakshi. Mr & Mrs Verma get emotional to see Soha. Soha goes away and asks Dev to sit with her. Sonakshi apologises to Mr & Mrs Verma and says that Soha is a bit reserved. Mrs Verma gives a gold chain to Sonakshi and asks her to give Soha when she becomes mature enough to understand everything. Mr Verma asks Dev if they will Ayush for dinner tomorrow at their house. Dev agrees.

Later, Dev takes ice cream for Ayush. Ayush says it’s his favourite ice cream and asks Dev how he knew about it. Dev says it’s his favourite ice cream too. Ayush enjoys having ice cream with Dev. Soha sees that and says she is not special to them and leaves.