The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi coming out from the washroom. She sees her dress and recollects Dev gifting her that dress. She then realises that everything has changed now. She takes her purse and opens the door. Sonakshi sees Ayush standing. She asks him if he needs anything. Ayush asks her where Dev is. Sonakshi says Dev is in the living room. Ayush says Dev promised him to take him to his grandparent’s house. Sonakshi says Dev has an important meeting but soon he will take Ayush to his grandparent’s house. Sonakshi comes to Dev. Dev is talking to someone on call and is disturbed. Sonakshi asks if anything is wrong. Dev says he has some important work. He asks where Soha is. Sonakshi says Soha is upset with Dev. Dev calls out Soha. Soha comes and stands silently. Dev apologises to Soha and says he will drop her at school. Ayush looks at them and smiles.

Sonakshi teaches Ayush to make sandwiches. She sees tiffin and learns that Ishwari forgot to make tiffin for Soha. Sonakshi packs tiffin for Soha and leaves. Dev reaches some location. He tells his manager that all the people should move from that land. A man says they are staying for long on that land, and it belongs to them. Dev offers money. A man throws a stone on Dev. Dev gets angry and starts slapping that man. Sonakshi sees Dev’s reaction and thinks Dev has changed.

Later, Soha and Golu are playing. Soha says they will prank Ayush. Golu asks Ayush to play hide and seek with them. Ayush agrees. Golu says he and Ayush will hide and Soha will find them. Golu takes Ayush into the storeroom and asks him to hide there as Soha cannot find them. Ayush goes inside. Soha comes there and locks Ayush. Ayush asks Soha and Golu to open the door. Ayush gets scared alone in the storeroom.