The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Ayush asking Soha and Golu to open the door. Ayush says he is getting scared in the storeroom. Dev tells Mr & Mrs Verma that Ayush was taken away from him since he was born and lived with the Verma family, so will take time to accept everything. Dev says he wants to do all the legal rights and for that, he will need Ayush birth papers and their legal guidance’s signature. Mr Verma says they need some time to think. Dev agrees and leaves.

Soha and Golu start playing. Ayush shouts for help. He sees a rope and due to darkness, he thinks it’s a snake and gets more scared. Mamiji hears something and asks Soha where Ayush is. Soha says she doesn’t know and goes. Mamiji hears some noise from the storeroom and calls Ishwari. Ishwari opens the door. Ayush comes out and hugs Ishwari. She asks him how he got locked in the storeroom.

Mamiji says Soha locked him. Ishwari says Soha cannot do such. She asks Ayush if Soha locked him. Ayush looks down and cries. Ishwari learns that it was Soha who locked Ayush in the storeroom. She goes and scolds Soha. Soha cries and goes into her room.

Later, Soha cries and tells Dev that Ishwari scolded her. Ishwari comes and tells Dev that Soha locked Ayush in the storeroom while they were playing and now is denying it. Dev asks Soha to go into her room. Dev tells Ishwari he and Sonakshi will talk to Soha about it.

Dev asks Sonakshi to pay attention to her kids. He tells everything that Soha did. Sonakshi says Soha feels left out since Ayush has come. Dev goes to Soha’s room. He sees Soha sleeping and thinks no matter who comes into his life, Soha will be his Princess.

Sonakshi comes to Dev and says she has explained Soha, but they have to give her some time.