The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Ishwari telling Radha that she is worried about what Soha told Aayush. She says that Soha doesn’t consider Aayush as a family member even after tying Rakhi. Ishwari tells Radha that they have to do what Pandit Ji has advised. She calls Pandit Ji to come and perform the ritual for Aayush’s name change. Ishwari goes and tells Sonakshi if she is not going to the office today. Sonakshi says she has an important meeting so has to leave soon. Panjit comes after Sonakshi leaves. Ishwari is with Pandit jee who takes the name of Aayush, Ishwari asks him to call him Veid. Pandit Ji tells her that the kundali of Aayush is in complete sync with his name so after changing the name all the problems would be removed.

Baldev sees what is happening and tells Ishwari to consult Dev and Sonakshi before changing Aayush’s name. Ishwari replies she is Aayush’s grandmother so knows what is best for him. Baldev tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen. Ishwari goes to Aayush’s room and tells him to get dressed. Aayush asks if they are going anywhere. Ishwari replies that they are doing pooja to change his name. Aayush requests her to call Sonakshi as she had promised to not change his name. Ishwari tells him to listen to his elders and forces him to change his clothes.

Ishwari forcefully brings Aayush downstairs and they start the pooja. Aayush is restless and keeps looking for Sonakshi. Ishwari gives him gifts and sweets and forces him to do the ritual. After some time Ishwari makes Aayush eat the sweets but he runs away crying. Ishwari hands Pandit jee the money. She is worried about what Sonakshi will do when she comes to know about this. Ishwari calls Dev explaining she has changed the name of Aayush to Veid. Dev gets shocked and asks her why she did it. Ishwari says she did it for Aayush’s sake. She tells him to talk to Sonakshi about it as she doesn’t want to create any problem.

Dev sits on a bench in a state of confusion when Sonakshi comes there in happy mode. He informs her that Ishwari has changed Aayush’s name to Veid. Sonakshi starts panicking saying how can Maa change Aayush’s name with all the rituals and pooja without even consulting them. Dev tells her that they can’t change what has happened so they have to accept it. Sonakshi says Aayush will hate her as she was not able to keep her promise. She says she will return home as she can’t face Aayush.